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Stephanie J. Marz, M.A.CCC-SLP, M.A. ECSE / EI

Client Success StoriesStephanie J. Marz

Speech Success:

We came to Stephanie with questions about articulation for our 7 year old.  She quickly assessed him, identified the issues, and went right to work on treating them.  Alex absolutely adored working with Stephanie, was eager to come each week, and had fun playing while working hard each session.  He progressed quickly and was ready for discharge after a few months.  He was comfortable talking about his speech issues, and working with Stephanie helped him to be open to feedback from her, his teachers, and us, his parents.  I would have no hesitation recommending Stephanie to other families.  -Wendy

The Journey from No Speech to Talking:

At age 2 1/2, my son had no vocabulary whatsoever.  Ms. Marz took great care to ascertain his problem and arrived at a well-substantiated diagnosis (Apraxia of Speech.)  She then developed a treatment plan with my input that took into consideration my son's personality and preferences. 

I found Stephanie always prepared for a session specific to the treatment plan we had previously agreed upon.  At the same time, she was very flexible when my son had the occasional bad mood/focus/attention span day and adjusted the plan to fit his situation when necessary.  She consistently provided a safe, positive learning environment.

In addition, she trained me to help my son's speech advance by teaching me how to coach, how to be supportive, how to look for or create speech/sound opportunities throughout the course of the day, and how to engage my son in the speech practice activities she provided for us to do at home. 

By age 4, my son has developed a huge vocabulary.  He converses, tells stories, and sings with confidence.  His speech is presently at the appropriate level for his age, as determined by three separate speech pathologists. 

I credit his progress largely to the efforts and expertise of Stephanie Marz.  Based on my experience with Stephanie, I strongly recommend her to anyone for children's speech services.  - Shirlee

A Positive Experience at BSE:

When my kids (ages 8 and 10) heard that I was sending them to "speech therapy," they were not pleased.  I think that the word,"therapy" threw them off.  They assumed it would be a sterile, clinical experience in which they would be scrutinized and made to feel silly for their speech issues.  They were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the comfortable, cozy space of BSE and they instantly warmed to Vina.  Her approach is calm and inviting; my girls are relaxed around her and they now look forward to going each week.  They love the games that they play, the atmosphere that Vina creates, and the progress they make every session.  Even the homework is fun!  It has been a very rewarding experience throughout the process with BSE.  Thank you Vina!  - Maggie

Speaking for Two:

Meeting Stephanie has been the most incredible experience.  Every morning that we step into her office I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for the privilege of having this special person use her expertise to help our little girl. I have noticed our little girl's joy and peace return to her personality in these past few months. Our sessions with Stephanie have given us all hope and encouragement. -I will always treasure the times we've been given with Stephanie as we will never be able to thank her enough for reaching out to our family.  -Linda



A Victory in our Family:

By some miracle we were introduced to Stephanie. Her quiet, peaceful, and calm manner was perfect for an active and very frustrated two and a half-year-old. Charlie really enjoyed his time with Stephanie from the beginning. Charlie began to show improvement almost immediately. After only a year Charlie is active, imaginative and talkative! Many thanks to his friend and "teacher" Stephanie. -Charlie & his ever grateful family.


Change That Has Lasted:

Going to see Stephanie was one of the best things we have ever done for Kelly.  My daughter, now in High School, remembers the fun times when she played with Stephanie when she was younger.  As her parent, I remember the changes she made as she learned to enunciate her words more clearly.  She is applying for college and I couldn't be prouder of her.  Thank you Stephanie!  -Kelly's mother.


Our Daughter Gains Confidence:

We met Stephanie Marz when it was brought to our attention that our kindergartner was uncomfortable reading out loud and that her teacher felt her speech was not the correct ability for her age. Stephanie ran a few tests and found her to have severely delayed articulation skills compared to children her age, amongst other errors. We began speech-language therapy and within a year, right before she was to enter the first grade, she had completed speech therapy and was ready for the first grade! - We are so grateful to Stephanie, thank you -Alaina's family.

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